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Welcome Message from the Director



         Welcome to the Office of Physical Education. Ming Chi University of Technology is located on the hillside of Kueizi Village in Taishan District with vast green areas and beautiful sceneries. Our outdoor sport fields include a track field, a swimming pool, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, softball fields, archery ranges, etc. Since its establishment, Ming Chi has put much emphasis on physical education courses and building up of students and teachers’ physical strength. Accordingly, in the physical education category of the 2011 MOE evaluation for college of technologies, we received the top rank. To create a complete exercise environment, we built a new gymnasium in 2009 within which students can do exercise in all kinds of weather. Students, teachers and even the residents in our neighborhood can exercise and work out on campus in their free time to improve their health and fitness. Please give us suggestions or advice anytime so that we can provide better services. 



                                                                                                 Chien-Chang Chen

                                                              Director of the Office of Physical Education